Richard Payne, Director of Development has the answers!

As Prime Minister I would of course prioritise peace, tolerance, health and prosperity. Immediately afterwards, I’d address issues that are stultifying the world of development finance!

My first task would be to sort Brexit out ASAP, regardless of whether we leave or stay. Confidence has notably (and understandably) dropped off since the original leave date in March, and it’s unlikely to increase significantly again until Brexit is resolved. The quicker that happens, the better.

Next, I’d address the laughably slow (if only it were funny) planning process. Whilst the housing shortage is well documented, and we haven’t built enough houses to meet demand for years, cuts in local authority budgets have meant that planning departments are shrinking whilst the demand for their services is growing. I would enable a significant increase in the number of Planning Officers, and legislate to reduce the timeline for the planning process.

I’d also look for additional ways to stimulate the first-time buyer market, which underpins and fuels the whole of the residential property market above it. Home ownership has to be a realistic ambition for everybody. I’d extend the Help to Buy scheme, and explore additional ways to stimulate the market.