Research published yesterday by the National Housing Federation has highlighted the impact of the UK housing crisis on standards of living.

The report estimates that 1.7 million people reside in unsuitable housing (for example elderly people in homes with too many stairs, or families with no outside space), and another 1.4 million live in poor-quality homes.

2.5 million people are living in homes they can’t afford to move out of (for example adults living with parents, or people living with an ex-partner) and a further 2.5 million are struggling to afford their rent or mortgage.

Last month, we discussed the supply of smaller, more affordable housing and the need for lenders to consider renters’ and buyers’ quality of life in our blog Permitted Development Rights and micro housing.

Richard Payne – Director of Development at Oblix Capital commented on the latest figures. “While the UK housing market is crying out for more development, research such as this shows the need for a balance to be struck. Developers require the support of a workable housing policy that enables them to deliver more homes, while maintaining high standards of living.

“At Oblix Capital, we strive to provide our Developers with innovative lending solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals, while ensuring the end product offers a suitable living environment.”