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About Oblix Capital

Oblix Capital has been successfully providing Bridging and Development finance to the real estate market since it was launched in 2014. It was formed by a team with a huge amount hands-on experience in real estate lending and property-related risk.

At Oblix Capital, we know real estate lending inside out. We stand out because our team has market-leading expertise, which it harnesses to offer creative real estate solutions that can support projects from beginning to end – and every stage in between.

Founded in 2014 by seasoned global real estate entrepreneur Rishi Passi, Oblix Capital has been created from the ground up with developers, brokers and borrowers in mind.

Against this backdrop we bring first-rate products to the market that fit our clients’ needs, along with the benefits of expertise, experience, speed and agility.

Our development loans can serve a wide range of scenarios from ground-up developments, to large conversions, to residential property.

Our bridging loans cover residential, commercial and semi-commercial projects, from land with planning right through development exit.

As a full-service development and bridging loan provider, we can assist you in wrapping from a development to bridging loan and vice versa, potentially saving you the hassle and fees associated with switching lenders as the lifecycle of a development progresses. Just ask one of our development managers, or call us direct for more information.

Our funding lines

Our lending is funded through a range of lines, including our own proprietary funds. This gives us both the security and flexibility to help a broader range of clients.

Customer testimonial

“…my dealings with Oblix Capital have been refreshing to say the least having experienced their service a number of times. Oblix Capital have been very flexible and understanding as far as one particular case of mine is concerned and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”