Forms and Processes

Our process

Our streamlined 5 stage process means a decision can be made on your application very swiftly – in as little as 5 days from a fully packaged application, we can proceed to release of funds.

  • Process-1: Initial/ Short Enquiry, DIP issued: After we receive your initial enquiry form, the Decision In Principle (DIP) is issued.
  • Process-2: Full application and valuation: If successful, you will then complete a full application form. Valuation will be instructed with a panel member.
  • Process-3: Underwriting, mortgage offer issued: We underwrite the loan deal and issue your mortgage offer.
  • Process-4: Conveyancing: Upon receipt of the signed mortgage offer, the conveyancing procedure begins.
  • Process-5: Completion: Loan completes and funds are issued.